Self Belief is the Road to Success

The person in life that you will always be with the most is yourself. Even when you are with others you are still with yourself  too.   Waking, sleeping, walking down the street in the sunshine with your loved one or with friends, you are still with yourself.


Self belief is what we think about ourselves. It is about how much we respect ourselves.  It is always about knowing what we deserve.   It is about the dreams that we choose and hope to make happen and it is that hunger to chase our dream that determines our success or our failure as we go through life.  It is the belief in our own ability  that  determines  being  a winner or a loser.  Positive belief can make you an achiever. Negative beliefs can make you a loser.  If you firmly believe that you are a capable person and you deserve success, then nothing in the world will stop you from achieving success.  The  stronger  the belief  the better your chances.


Positive self beliefs are always surrounded by thoughts of “I’m clever, I can achieve, I’m in control, I’m attractive, I am an interesting person” instead of believing negative things like “I’m stupid,  I’m boring, I can’t do it, I can’t remember, I feel ugly, I feel nasty, I’m a dumb brain”. Negative thoughts make you feel worthless, incompetent, shamed and unable to take positive compliments.  Whereas people with high self belief accept themselves as they are and continually have a positive picture of themselves.   A combination of self confidence and self belief empowers a person to achieve greater things in life.  Positive beliefs keep a person calm in times of great sorrow, while negative beliefs can make a person depressed even in times of great happiness.


You must form a positive belief in order to achieve in any walk of life.  The first step to success is to think about yourself and that “you can do it”.  Once the fire to chase your dream is quenched, it is all over.  Most people quit when they lose all hope of winning,  but if you can hold on to the belief that you can win, then you would get the courage to do incredible things to achieve your goal.


Self belief is a vital component of a productive,  positive  life.    Other people are not smarter than you, whatever you were led to believe. Rather than focussing on inadequacies always try to maximise your strengths and minimise your weaknesses.   When you take action it helps to restore your faith in your ability to achieve and, when you do achieve, it spurs you on to do better things and inspires motivation, optimism and enthusiasm. Everyone experiences failure but by scolding yourself and hugging failure to your heart  not letting it go, you store up negative feelings that are non productive. Always look for a  positive side to the problem. Very few problems can’t be turned around to better the situation, even if it is acceptance.  Put aside what other people think about you, success is available to everyone if your belief is strong enough.


You can learn self belief. We were all born into this world with no sense of what we can or can’t do.  Life is the teacher of limitations.  When we start to walk we fall and get up,  only to fall again, get up again, stumble, eventually walking. You haven’t listened to the voice of pessimism so your inner voice has not learned to give up.  Generally, one way or another all children have a tough time adjusting in childhood.  I do not know many who haven’t.  It is important to acknowledge where negative feelings and thoughts have come from, but it is up to you to restore and re-instate your self- belief in yourself.   It is important as you grow older to be able to leave the past traumas and challenges behind and reach for goals that are your dreams.  If you believe you can get to that point, you will.  It is as we grow older we collect all the baggage and continually re-run it in our minds. The voices of parents, siblings, school teachers and the local bully that instil negative inner voices did not start with you. They may appear to, but they are words or deeds that have impinged negatively on your thought process. When you notice doubts or negativity entering your thoughts take time to sit down and examine your strengths and believe that all people have weaknesses. Convince yourself that you are in control, act calmly, decisively and strongly.


Do not be afraid of challenge.  Self belief is not being arrogant or blind to your failures or shortcomings but being able to admit that you have faults and failings and recognising and quantifying them.  Accept them and believe in the freedom of being able to make mistakes and cope with them.  The more your self- belief grows, the more other people trust you and believe in your ability to get there.   Surround yourself with like- minded people that support and encourage you. Stay away from negativity and people who erode your self esteem.  When we focus on what we can’t do then we miss the power of positive thinking of what we can do.  Stubbornness used well is called single minded determination. That is what  we all need to develop and nurture.

Society at large and the media continually “sell” the perfect person.  What does it mean to be perfect?  Every person is perfect in the eyes of the Almighty who made them in His image and likeness.  False expectations need to be toned down and acceptance promoted so that people can truly achieve the unachievable.  We all need to be true to ourselves and who you can be, so that eventually your belief in yourself will bring happiness, respect, and truth to your life.    When you massage the mind with positive  ideas,  that will determine how you act and the outcome.  When you keep thinking you can do something, you will at least try and as  such  more  likely to succeed.   No matter what anyone else tells you about how great you are, unless you believe in yourself it will not have any effect.  

What you believe yourself, is what you present to others.  When you believe and have faith in yourself, life changes and the magic so often dreamed about comes true every time.  Self esteem is greatly influenced by words spoken and actions seen by children.  New research shows that it is more important for children to be actively involved and fully participating in effort as much as winning. Always remember every word spoken to a child has an effect for the future.  If those words are negative they leave detrimental effects, or if positive which allows a child to gain confidence in themselves and what they do.  Wouldn’t it be the greatest gift that a child could be given to start out in life, the knowledge and the confidence to know that “they can do”.