What is important in your life?

  What is important to your in life

“Society is a wave. The wave moves onward, but the water of which it is composed does not.”  People have not changed. The problems you are facing today are not new. And one of those problems is that we are needy. And it is a big problem because without self-reliance, you can never be consistently happy. And even though being happy is still something that is important to us, it need not determine the quality of life. Examine the following and see how reliant you are on others;  Do you think your friends should always be there for you? Do you find it difficult to be alone?  Do you feel like a nobody when people ignore you at work?  Do you feel hurt when someone doesn’t invite you to a birthday or any other social event?  It is not surprising that we are this way. It all starts when we are born. We rely on our parents to survive. And when we become adults we should become self-reliant individuals, but funnily enough, we become even more dependent on others.   In life, we always turn outwardly for everything: Happiness, advice, affection, love, approval.  We ask experts for advice. We use drugs when we are in pain. We expect others to solve our problems. It is much better to rely on yourself. Not in a selfish way, but in an emotional way. You don’t need others to be happy.  The moment we lose ourselves and our identity, we can no longer be the person we want to be. When you are needy, you only damage your relationships in the long-term. But when you’re self-reliant, you can enrich the lives of the people around you much more. Self-reliance is a skill for everyone to learn.

How often do you think or feel something and you are afraid of speaking it? That makes us afraid of confrontation. Instead of being timid, stand up and say what you think without reservation. If you want to have a voice in the world, you can’t expect that will happen smoothly. Not in an aggressive way. But when you don’t agree with something; say it.  It is always hard to speak your mind and to stand for what you believe in.  We are too quick in expressing our emotions. Nothing’s going to change when you let out all your emotions. In other words: Speaking out your emotions is not always useful. Instead, learn how to become a master of your feelings and emotions. Are you sad? Are you in love? Are you mourning? Are you just annoyed? Don’t let worthless emotions consume you. Emotions need to be kept under control.

You don’t need to travel to the other side of the world to find yourself. Your problems will always travel with you wherever you go.  Face your challenges and demons head-on. Every setback is an opportunity to test your self-reliance. Nothing is forever. We forget that in daily life as we get attached to worldly things, people, and memories.  To truly appreciate something, you have to realize that you will lose it one day. If you believe that you will live forever or that you will be loved until the end of time—you take things for granted. I owe nothing, and nothing is owed to me.  Do you freak out when you are alone for a moment? Most of us can’t stand the thought of spending a day or longer alone. Instead of your phone and texting, call a friend, go for a walk. Maybe take a book with you. Daydream a bit. There are a million ways to spend your time. You don’t need others to have a good time. Just don’t waste it

Life is a series of unrelated events and decisions. You can’t change the past. So it only makes sense to live without regret. See things for what they are. Life just happens. You will never be able to explain everything with 100% certainty and proof. Just accept it. If you are unhappy or if you want to change, just change your attitude. See things for what they are. Stop looking for it outside of yourself, you will find that you rely on yourself —not because you need it, but simply because you can.