Power and its sidekick – corruption and deceit

“A lie does not become the truth, wrong doesn’t become right, and evil does not become good just because it is accepted by the majority”. Courageous leaders are people who aren’t deterred by adversity or afraid of what people may think of them especially if able to stand over their actions.

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Parents are the first teachers

When we send our children to school, do we expect teachers to teach them the social skills, values and rules to live by, or is that the job of parents.

Parents are the first teacher of a child and can exert huge influence on what kind of adult they become. So, it is of the utmost importance that parents

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The challenge of living your own life

As our Leaving Certificate students ponder on what course to take when they finish second level schooling in a few short months, many are bedevilled with the thoughts of what they want out of life. However,all the data available for successful people, believe that when you follow the subjects and

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By-passing the truth

Leadership development is a £130 billion a year industry across the world.  We have that industry thriving in Ireland also and used by those in the public eye and in positions of authority on a regular basis.  Building a professional reputation takes years and only a few minutes to destroy it.

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Doing chores in childhood makes us happier adults

Some parents, as well as children, may not like the results of the longest longitudinal study ever conducted. Over a period of the last seventy five years and still continuing, The Harvard Grant Study, made landmark findings on how to drive human happiness and success. The most amazing factor found

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Some feedback on Never Give Up

Never Give up picture

Peg I will never give up, after reading some beautiful articles from your fantastic book, so uplifting, and so positive, every reader will be so enriched by opening just any page and reading,they will not be able to leave it down.Truly a beautiful book thank you Peg for publishing this treasure.

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