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Christmas Needs, or Wants?

This year is likely to be a bumper Christmas, with Retail Ireland expecting core retail sales for December to reach €4.05 billion, an increase of 3.5 per cent on last year’s figure. They also say that personal spending on core retail goods in December will be €2,580 per household, about €700

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Powerlessness and its Effects

Have you ever wondered why one day something that was brewing for a long time comes to the surface and people get angry and up in arms at what they feel is a controlling of their life by others?  Being unable to control your own destiny and not being master of your own life escalates people’s

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Religion and how we view it

Religion and how we view it?

Religion and religious beliefs have been around for a very long time and, like it or not, will survive for a long time to come. The fact that we live in a Catholic country where 84% of people proclaim to be Catholics  (last Census) is testament that people want to belong in some faith system

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Myloma -My life

Name of book:    Myeloma – my life

By  Catherine McGovern and compiled and edited by Peg Hanafin.

This is a book that recalls some of Catherine’s pathway through sickness and challenge. Her family and friends were invited to submit testimonials about their thoughts on Catherine and to give

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Defending the indefensible

Defending the indefensible Government ministers speaking on TV programmes and on radio, would have us all believe that they have the interests of the poor and deprived at the centre of their concerns. They constantly tell us that core social welfare payments are being maintained but the evidence

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Emotional abuse

We look at and ponder the lives of women who lived to tell the tale of the psychological and emotional abuse perpetrated   on   them  whilst  young and vulnerable and  which has now come home to roost for our nation.  Those in power stood over  and  remained  determined  to

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Intergenerational poverty

All research and data provided by many different organisations dealing with the causes of intergenerational poverty  say that its elimination can be achieved by education and productive employment. At this moment in time, in Ireland,  we have 137,000 children who live in

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