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Understanding Dementia and Alzheimers

We all worry about being forgetful, misplacing keys, articles or forgetting appointments.  As we grow older, we nearly accept that it is part of aging, but that is not the case.  Very little is known about Dementia and Alzheimers disease, so their affects are often a mystery to family, carers and

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Isolation and Loneliness of Rural Men Living Alone

Poverty and social exclusion manifest themselves differently in rural areas than in urban areas. Disadvantage is a widely used term to describe living conditions where a person or a family experience circumstances or conditions less favourable than other citizens or communities. While rural poverty

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Have Our Men Missed Out?

It is not often we see a new organisation started up to look after the needs of men or men recognising the importance of developing friendships, sharing knowledge and skills and becoming productive and valuable in their community.  All of this in a happy, welcoming

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Coping with Chronic Illness

Any  illness lasting longer than one year is considered chronic and include illnesses like heart disease, diabetes,   kidney disease, asthma, autoimmune disorders, multiple sclerosis, motor neurone, Parkinsons, to name just a very few. Mental health issues also come under the same banner.  All

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What Makes You Feel Drunk? Alcohol as a Mood Alterer

What makes you feel drunk?

Alcohol is a mood altering substance and affects the nerves that pass messages around the body by slowing them down. Sometimes people act more lively when they drink or become giddy as the alcohol affects the parts of the brain responsible for self control. But as the affects

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The Simmering Problem of Elder Abuse

In Ireland we have no legislation governing the abuse of the elderly in spite of repeated promises over the years that this would be enacted.

Is this another case of abuse of vulnerable citizens that will remain under the radar until some other calamity happens and is brought into the public domain

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The Plight of Men Who Live Alone

Many men who live alone are isolated, housed in poor and dilapidated conditions and become reclusive about their lives. Some suffer depression as well as a range of other mental illnesses and find communication difficult as their health and living conditions deteriorate. They can be seen by society

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Alcohol and Women – the Gap is Narrowing

In Ancient Rome, an alcoholic woman was considered such an affront to society she could be legally put to death.  It was assumed that every woman who drank alcohol was also promiscuous, another reason to put her to death. We still have women treated with rejection, disgust, prejudice, apathy or indifference

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About Alcohol and Mental Health

How many more reports will be requisitioned and how much more money will be spent in gathering statistics about our attitude to the taking of alcohol and its abuse by our young people? And when will something actually be done about it?.  We appear to accept that it is alright to see our young people

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