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Author of "Getting More Out of Life" A sell out of first print off and still selling for the diverse subjects covered in a simple way and easily read. Author of Myeloma, My Life, the story of Catherine Mc Govern's life as compiled about her life with an incurable cancer.. This was a mammoth task and I was helped by Kevin Redmond and Joan and Sinead Hanafin. The final product was a great success and I was delighted to achieve such a book so fast. Thanks to all those whose compliments I appreciate and whose confirmation of my ability encourages me greatly.

Posts by Peg Hanafin:

The Aftermath of Death

Only the unloved and unloving escape the loneliness and deep grief  that comes in the aftermath of  losing a loved one. Loneliness, it is the ultimate price we pay for the loving relationships we had the  pleasure  of enjoying  during our shared  lives. What is this devastating feeling of loneliness?

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What Makes a Good Leader?

The idea that a leader is born has been debunked and the thinking now is that a leader can be formed or be educated into the role. Of course there are many personality traits that assist  in being a leader and if you have the desire and the willpower to become an effective leader,  then  these

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Thoughts on the Referendum 2012

We are being asked by the State to make changes to our Constitution on the 10th November 2012.  It is about the rights of children.  So we must be vigilant about what we are voting for and ensure that we are doing what is in the best interest of the most vulnerable and traumatised citizens 

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How Do We Develop our Communities?

The community in which we live is where we derive a way of living that is comfortable, safe and supportive. For many years now some communities are fragmented and neighbours do not know or even appear to care  about  each  other.  That is a very sad way to live or survive. Neighbours are vitally

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The Privilege of Adult Education

You would have to be immersed in an adult education system to understand the life-changing effects on  learners,  when they return as adults to get a qualification and advance their knowledge.  Adults who return to, or maybe just getting their first taste of what  education  means, do so because

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Christmas Needs, or Wants?

This year is likely to be a bumper Christmas, with Retail Ireland expecting core retail sales for December to reach €4.05 billion, an increase of 3.5 per cent on last year’s figure. They also say that personal spending on core retail goods in December will be €2,580 per household, about €700

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Powerlessness and its Effects

Have you ever wondered why one day something that was brewing for a long time comes to the surface and people get angry and up in arms at what they feel is a controlling of their life by others?  Being unable to control your own destiny and not being master of your own life escalates people’s

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