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Author of "Getting More Out of Life" A sell out of first print off and still selling for the diverse subjects covered in a simple way and easily read. Author of Myeloma, My Life, the story of Catherine Mc Govern's life as compiled about her life with an incurable cancer.. This was a mammoth task and I was helped by Kevin Redmond and Joan and Sinead Hanafin. The final product was a great success and I was delighted to achieve such a book so fast. Thanks to all those whose compliments I appreciate and whose confirmation of my ability encourages me greatly.

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A Wake-Up Call about Heroin

In 2012 the annual report by the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction has stated that Ireland has the highest numbers of heroin users, along with Latvia, Luxembourg and Malta in Europe. They state that we have 30,000 citizens addicted to this dangerous and overpowering drug.  In

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The Insanities of Life

Every  day  we  use throwaway words and commit actions that inflict pain on others if they are true,  or even more so,  if untrue..  Some are more damaging than others, but all have a negative impact on either the perpetrator or the victim or both.  We do not need a scientific study to know

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Religious Education Promotes Respect for Human Life

Religion and religious beliefs have been around for a very long time and, like it or not, will survive for a long time more. The fact that we live in a Catholic country where 84% of people proclaim to be Catholics is testament that people want to belong in some faith system. Recently our Minister

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The Consequences of Alcohol on Our Society

Every day we all complain about high taxes,  taxes for water and property, a  decrease in income and  poor services, especially in the Health Service, with hundreds of sick people  lying for days on trollies  in cold corridors and no beds available.  Well maybe

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The Power of Encouragement

We live in an age of discouragement where every day we are bombarded with doom and gloom and a never ending stream of negativity.  Many people are devoid of hope in their futures and  in their lives.  The escalation of drug and alcohol misuse in men and women and its long-term effects is a cause

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A Different View of Christmas

In 2012 the last year that figures were  produced by the World Bank and the United Nations Development Programme,  Americans spent 563 billion dollars in the run up to Christmas. Great for the economy,  or is it?  Or does it add further private debt to the millions

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Shame of the Suicide Inquest

More than one person dies by suicide every day in this country. This means that every day some family faces the indescribable pain and anguish that such a death imposes on parents, siblings and friends, as well as the community at large. After the funeral is over, life moves on for some. For those

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The Scourge and Reality of a Gambling Addiction

The negative consequences of problem/compulsive gamblers have been widely reported in research findings. The research, from across the world, shows that people who live with a compulsive gambler are at huge risk of mental illness and addictive disorders, violence, insults, embarrassment, and being

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