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Author of "Getting More Out of Life" A sell out of first print off and still selling for the diverse subjects covered in a simple way and easily read. Author of Myeloma, My Life, the story of Catherine Mc Govern's life as compiled about her life with an incurable cancer.. This was a mammoth task and I was helped by Kevin Redmond and Joan and Sinead Hanafin. The final product was a great success and I was delighted to achieve such a book so fast. Thanks to all those whose compliments I appreciate and whose confirmation of my ability encourages me greatly.

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Recreational Drug use

Recreational drug use?

How much longer will we have to listen to those who tell us they only use cannabis for a bit of fun or recreation?  How much longer will we see the law of the land being broken? How much longer will we see our children subjected to peer pressure to use drugs for the “crack”?

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What Have We Achieved?

In 1957 the Treaty of Rome promoted free movement of labour and equal pay for men and women.  Fifty seven years on,—a lifetime,— what have the successive governments achieved in bringing equality, fairness, justice and understanding to our citizens? There has been continual plans, like the

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The Blessings of Christmas

The blessings of Christmas.

Christmas is just around the corner and for many it is a time of loneliness and distress. But does it need to be that way?  “Nothing is so, but thinking makes it so” says the old saying and that is true.  There are many positive sides to Christmas and maybe in these

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Getting More out of Life

I am amazed at all the people who bought my book that keep it beside the bed to read an article of their choice from it and even to re-read them.  My thanks to each of you for the positive feedback which encourages me to do more.

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Myeloma – My Life

myeloma my life

Myeloma My Life book compiled by peg hanafin

Myeloma – my life shows that a book don’t have to take months if you get the right idea of how it could make for interesting reading and pull it all together.  I was amazed that I was able to do it and have it so successful. This is about an inspirational and devout lady who went to her

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Could we do better?

Could we do better?

In the month up to Christmas those who can afford it think of gifts, cards, visiting loved ones and getting ready to celebrate Christmas Day,  with lots of food, perhaps alcohol and having the Tree decorated and the presents wrapped. But let us spare a thought for those who do

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The plight of men who live alone

It is imperative that we all take note of the plight that some men endure who live alone

(1) The plight of men who live alone

Many men who live alone are isolated, housed in poor and dilapidated conditions and become reclusive about their lives. Some suffer depression as well as a range of other

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Introduction to Getting More Out of Life

The articles in this book are a collection of thoughts built around my personal experiences and include a diversity of themes. But threaded throughout them all are the caring, sharing and reaching out with love that I have grown to believe is the most beneficial way to live for our own well-being

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