Some feedback on Never Give Up

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Peg I will never give up, after reading some beautiful articles from your fantastic book, so uplifting, and so positive, every reader will be so enriched by opening just any page and reading,they will not be able to leave it down.Truly a beautiful book thank you Peg for publishing this treasure

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Parenting and Children

Some parents, as well as children, may not like the results of the longest longitudinal study ever conducted. Over a period of the last seventy five years and still continuing, The Harvard Grant Study, made landmark findings on how to drive human happiness and success. The most amazing factor found

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The Rural Divide

Pobal, ( an agency that acts as an intermediary for programmes funded by the Irish Government and the EU),  states that the proportion of people living below the poverty line in rural areas is 18.8%. The most recent survey available from the Survey on Income and Living conditions (SILC)  shows  a

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Preparing for the Golden Years and Beyond

As we work our way through our 40’s  and 50’s , through the ups and downs of life,  through the trials and the triumphs, and as we start to stare retirement in the face, have we ever given serious thought to all the problems that this era of our lives carry.

When we are young,  old age

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Climate Change and its Adverse Effects on the Poor

Maarten van Aalst, director of the Red Cross Climate Centre, in his recent report said their agency was already seeing evidence that the poor were the hardest hit in weather related disasters.  He also pointed out that climate change would make it much more difficult for poorer developing countries

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Are We Grateful for Our Priests

“You never miss the water until the well runs dry”. This is very true about many areas of life, but when it comes to our spiritual needs, the fact that we have instant access to a priest in this country makes us very privileged at this time. Nevertheless, can we expect this to continue?

In 1987

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Procrastination – the Thief of Time

“Never do today what you can put off until to tomorrow”.  We are all well aware of this syndrome. But this thinking has many negative consequences both emotionally,  physically and mentally.  This is a learned behaviour and can be unlearned. Procrastinators are not born,  they suffer from

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